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The most legendary game ever since Atari, Sega, Commodore 64 ruled the world of computer games.The game itself has undergone many changes in each of it's releases and it's played even today on all consoles even the XBox 360. The objective of the game is to use arrow keys to move the frog across the road and across the river with a raft to the empty houses on the swampy part of the river. When each house has a frog in it, you level up. In each level the elements in the game(cars on the road, logs and rafts in the river) move a little faster than the previous level.

frog dares

Frog Dares

frog mania

Frog Mania

kiss the frog

Kiss the Frog

stalk the frog

Stalk the Frog

frog jump

Frog Jump

bubble frog

Bubble Frog



fly n frog

Fly N Frog

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